American Serenade Coffee and Tea subscription clubs


  1. I usually have to add cream to my coffee, but I can drink this black. It taste so smooth!
    Rachael S.
  2. I have drank the same coffee for years. I know what I like and will not waste money trying something new..Until now. I am so glad I tried this coffee. I am now a loyal customer. It exceeded my expectations!
    Chad B.
  3. I love the Tanzania Peaberry. I normally have stomach issues with coffee. This is so smooth, I can drink it every morning!
    Steven G.
  4. The tea is so flavorful and smooth. I love that it is all natural and I do not have to add anything extra!
    Stephanie C.
  5. I am addicted to using the tea infuser. I never knew loose leaf tea could be so easy to brew and taste so delicious.
    Mary M.
  6. I love that the coffee packages are a full 1lb and the tea bags are 4oz. I feel like I am getting gourmet products without paying the gourmet prices.
    Annette M.
American Serenade Coffee and Tea subscription clubs