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We Invite you to Bring a Lil #GraceTime
Into your Life

Around the time my life was changing and becoming more hectic, a relative had shown me a wonderful original
sketch created more than 70 years ago by a young American schoolgirl, Cecelia DuBay.  Cecelia DuBay Johnson’s
1940′s sketch is named  Grace.  It depicts a beautiful young woman dressed in what would have been normal attire for that era. 

As I looked in appreciation, a sudden calm and yearning came over me.  It hit me, like a new , yummy Michael Kors bag….time was going by too fast and I wanted it to slow down and find more time to appreciate it!!!!       I wanted more…more time…and a time when life did not seem so frantic and we did not have to ‘schedule’ time to spend together.

Our lives are nuts these days, aren't they? We have crazy work schedules, baseball games, music lessons, and  never-ending errands and 'to do' lists.

See anything missing?

Family time happens in the car while running errands.  Friend time happens during a rushed phone call while you're trying to get the kids out the door.  Me time happens when you're putting your make-up on at a stoplight on the way to work.
Being you is exhausting sometimes!

We’re ALL so busy…. we don’t make time to hang out, reconnect, and refresh.  

Grace is classic but she understands what we go through in today's world.    She doesn't have friends over, she is the ' Hostess with the Mostess' and she makes it look easy.  Grace is one-of-a-kind.  She always finds interesting, new things to try.   Grace is busy  taking care of her family but she also  makes time to recharge.  Grace looks for any excuse to get together with family and friends.   That's why you really need meet Grace!

I admire Grace, and try to follow her example!  Some days are easier than others!

Coffee and tea are the perfect excuses for me to have Grace Time.  Enjoying time with family or friends around the table drinking American Serenade beverages or even ….a little ‘me’ time to re-charge.    I need to make time to re-charge.  Me-time is not a bad word.  It is almost a necessity in our lives these days.  For me, it just makes me a better mom, business woman, friend etc, etc...

We are all busy, but time is fleeting and  Grace reminds us that it's possible--even required--to make special time to be with yourself, your friends and your family.  

Do you have Grace Time?  If so, I'd love to hear about it.  Please share your #gracetime #americanserenade with us on social media. 

 Cheers to your #gracetime, 

Lisa, Founder of American Serenade 

American Serenade Coffee and Tea subscription clubs