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Being you can be 'exhausting'.  We think you need to pamper yourself and your taste buds.  Let the spa take care of you, we can take care of your taste buds.  

Don't be surprised if our beverages make you feel like you are at the spa.

Our motto...KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Our below brew guide breaks it down for you.  

Perfect Measurements for Coffee Brewing

What you need:
Our delicious coffee +  water (filtered or spring only) 

Simple measurement:
2 TB of ground coffee for every 6-8oz of water. 

For a pot of coffee or large chemex: 
10 TB coffee : 40oz water 

Grind does matter: 
  • 3 factors make a difference in the taste of your brew. 
    • Contact time, extraction rate & flow rate 

The extraction rate of coffee grounds increases with a larger surface area.
To increase surface area, grind the coffee finer.

The higher the extraction rate, the less contact time is needed.  A finer grind can reduce the flow rate of water, increasing the contact time.

So the jist of this, what does this mean? 
The less brew time, the less time the water touches the ground so the finer the grinds need to be.  If you are using a keurig, you need a really find grind.  An coffee maker (auto drip) needs to be a bit larger, than a chemex and french press and so on... 

Do not worry, we take care of all of this for you.  We want you to enjoy your #gracetime and let us worry about what size grind you need. 

How do I brew loose leaf tea? 

Grace says "Keep it Simple".... we have enough on our plates. ​

True temperature for teas. 

Boiling is 212 degrees.  Your teas do best below boiling temp.

Green  = well below boiling at 150-180 degrees 
White = around 160 degrees 
Oolong = 190-200 degrees 
Black = 205 degrees 

Grace's Quick Cheat Tips:  

1. Boiling water and then letting it cool removes oxygen from the water and decreases the flavor of the tea. It's better to bring water up to (rather than down to) the appropriate temperature.

2. Most of us do not have a thermometer or the time to take the water's temperature.  Rule of thumb: Most teas will taste delicious if you take off the water just as the first tiny bubbles start to form.  Before it starts to boil.  

Easy Gourmet Cold Brew

Our lives are hectic, aren't they?  Keep it simple with this easy, rich and delicious way to make Cold Brew coffee at home.  Simple, inexpensive and taste as rich as a coffee shop brew. 


  • 1/2lb of our gourmet coffee (coarse grind) to your favorite pitcher
  • Add 4 quarters cold water (spring or filtered)
  • Put in fridge either right before bed or before you leave for work.
  • Coffee is ready when you wake up/get home 
  • Pour finished coffee through cheese cloth and into a new pitcher. 
  • Toss grounds, pour coffee into your favorite cup & sip! 

*Fridge slows down the infusion process and produces a rich brew. 
**Tip, feeze unused coffee to make ice cubs to put into your coffee. 

How to Brew Loose Leaf Iced Tea

 Methods to brew loose tea: 
  • Sun tea
  • Cold brew
  • Hot brew 

Sun tea and hot brew take about 30 min to brew.  Cold brew works just like cold brew coffee.   Click for the full recipe: 
American Serenade Coffee and Tea subscription clubs